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Simply, Yet Powerful Method

PY ROCK MUSIC SCHOOL creates a fun and energetic environment for young and adult people to discover the joy of music through the experience of learning how to play an instrument and performing with a rock band. The school’s curriculum involves Group and private lessons, a performing rock band program. Students build their skill set in private lessons as they work towards placement in one of the school rock band programs.

We simply have the most powerfu method of learning music.

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Student Testimonials

Band-Based interactive classes.

Our band based teaching method have changed the lives of a lot of kids in our comunity. They get the full experiencia of being a ROCK STAR: Confidence level raise, they feel fulfilled and most importantly, they feel they are unstopabble on anything they do in their lives.

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This is Family

We have a strong relationship with our students and parents, this is a place where teachers become friends and mentor and the school is a second home.

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A place where all passionate musician get together

Students love coming to PY ROCK cause is a place where they can get to be what they really wanna be. Musicians.

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Friendly enviroment that
makes each lesson special!

Meet Our Team

Williams Ocampos
Dora Ortega
Max Acosta
Lina Garcia

Greg Collado
Jah Guillermo
Diego Piccardo

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