Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass guitar playing requires a good amount of strength, flexibility, and precision in the hands that nobody possesses initially. Py Rock guitar instructors always remind the students of bad habits and encouraging them to practice appropriately so that they can develop the strength and flexibility to truly play the bass guitar beautifully.

Bass Guitar Lessons for all Levels


We have a new approach to bass lessons. We first set the student on private bass lessons, and once they reach a certain level, they can audition to be part of one of our rock bands!. Not only the bass lessons are fun on their own, but they can positively influence the lives of the kids with all the benefits from taking music lessons; they help develop discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence. Beginner bass lessons cover topic such as; the role of the bass, holding the bass, fretting, breaking bad habits and more.

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After you have been taking bass lessons for a while, you might find yourself no longer feeling the magic when you pick up your bass guitar. Sounds that used to get you fired up when playing with your bass intructor just aren't there anymore. At this point, is time to go further into topics that are more challenging for you. On our bass lessons for intermediate players, students learn topics such as; keys in music, circle of fifths, hammer-ons, pull-offs and more. We also recommend the players to audition for one of our rock band programs where they see a remarkable increase in motivation.

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Our advanced bass lessons instructors have a deep understanding of techniques and equipment. Our bass instructors share with student thoughts about equipment set up for live shows, economy of motion for bass playing, pinch harmonics and more. Tapping and moving around the neck is also a topic on our bass lessons. Participating in our rock programs at this level is highly recommended by our bass instructors so they can apply all the theory they learned in classes into a real live music context.

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Bass Guitar Lessons for all Ages


PY Rock has introduced a new bass lesson method designed for kids who want to learn the bass guitar. Our bass instructors evaluate the size of the kid's hand and length of their fingers in order to find the right bass size for their bass lessons. PY Rock bass lessons for kids are designed to give the student an enjoyable experience learning this awesome instrument.

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PY Rock bass guitar lessons for teens focus on giving the student the complete understanding of what the function of the bass player in a band. Our bass guitar instructors know that bass guitarists have the most crucial role in the band, for that reason they structured the bass guitar lessons in a way that gives importance on topics such as; linking between harmony and rhythm and keeping a steady rhythm.

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Our approach to our guitar lessons for adults is different from the kids and teens guitar lessons. We know that adults faced other obstacles like busy schedules, work, and family commitments. For that reason, our adult guitar instructors have been trained to provide intense and effective guitar lesson sessions designed for busy students. Py Rock guitar instructors are professional, skilled, patient and friendly, which are key points to have a great learning experience.

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Knowing the best age to start music lessons for each instrument is a crucial part of a child’s musical development. In many cases, a child may be ready to start an instrument but may not have the physical means to fully explore the instrument: not enough lung capacity for a wind instrument, a pre-adolescent voice, lacking dexterity in the fingers, and so on. Give us a call so we can see if you kid is ready for music lessons.

Depending on the program, PY Rock lessons can cost anywher from $30 to $60 per session. The best way to have an accurate price is to evaluate the students and after seeing the results we can recommend programs and teachers and give the parents an accurate price.

The speed of which each student learn music is different. Some can finish our beginner program is 6 months, other on 10 months and other on 4 months. Our main focus is to help the student find their passion for music so practice at home can be fun. That passion will ultimately help the students learn their instrument faster.



We offer classes for kids, teens and adults. This is how it all happens: The Students get full attention on their first steps through our one on one private classes and then after they are ready to rock, they are put into one of our school bands to perform on stages where we believe the great lessons are; confidence, self-steen, techniques, rhythm and fun they all sky rocket!.


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