Drum Lessons

The drum is an instrument you can learn relatively quickly if your goal is to play for fun as part of a hobby or stress relief. On the other hand, if your goal is to archive complete mastery, you need the help of well-structured drum lessons. At PY Rock, our drum instructors quickly identify amount the beginner drummers that have the potential to be in a band. Our drum lessons are strongly related to live performances to keep the student motivated and engaged in their drum lessons.

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Drum Lessons for all Levels


We have a fresh approach to drum lessons. We have a comprehensive step-by-step drum lessons curriculum that provides drummers a solid foundation of independence, technique and music theory. Our highly trained drum instructors work first on holding the drumstick correctly, choosing the right ones, and heels-up and heels-down methods.

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If you don't feel the beginner drum lessons are for you cause you've been playing drums for a while and you want to get better, then our intermediate drum lessons is for you. Drum instructors go deeper into techniques, independence, reading rhythmic notation and playing fills. We highly recommend paring the private drum lessons with a rock band program to experience the stage and apply all knowledge into real music contexts.

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Our drum instructors assume the students already mastered reading basis rhythmic notation including quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets and sixteenth notes. Though drum lessons focused on mastering time and groove using metronomes and advance coordination, the students experience higher levels of playing and performing. Paring this drum lessons with a season rock program is the best option for an advance drum player.

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Drum Lessons for all Ages


Our band based teaching method have changed the lives of a lot of kids in our comunity. They get the full experiencia of being a ROCK STAR: Confidence level raise, they feel fulfilled and most importantly, they feel they are unstopabble on anything they do in their lives.

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We have a strong relationship with our students and parents, this is a place where teachers become friends and mentor and the school is a second home.

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Students love coming to PY ROCK cause is a place where they can get to be what they really wanna be. Musicians.

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There really isn't a best age for kids to start guitar lessons, but most children under the age of 7 generally don't have the dexterity or patience needed to learn to play the guitar. With persistence and motivation some kids have learned to play guitar at some impressively young ages, but it really comes down to is the individual attitude and maturity level of the student.

Depending on the program, School of Rock's guitar lessons can cost from around $150 to $350 per month. Exact prices vary between locations. What's included? Unlike most hourly guitar lessons, our programs include weekly private guitar lessons and group rehearsals that inspire confidence and teamwork. Guitar students are also welcome to use our facilities whenever we're open, even if they just want to hangout and learn from or collaborate with other musicians.

While four years old is a little young for formal guitar lessons, it's not too early to begin teaching your child musical concepts that will be important once they are old enough for guitar instruction at School of Rock. Your 4-year-old can participate in the Little Wing music program to learn fundamental concepts through fun, dynamic musical activities.


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