Guitar Lessons

Learning to play guitar requires discipline, consistency, and well-structured guitar lessons plan. PY rock music lessons include 30-50 minutes session, in either a private or group setting. Daily practice is essential to retain muscle memory, and our guitar instructors know it, for that reason they use real rock songs for the guitar lessons to motivate students to do their practice at home. Additionally, once they reach a certain level, they get to be in a rock band where the real learning and fun begin!.

Guitar Lessons for all Levels


We have a fresh approach to guitar lessons for beginners. We have a comprehensive step-by-step guitar lessons curriculum that provides guitar players a solid foundation of control, technique and music theory. PY Rock guitar instructor recommend starting with private classes for full attention before joining one of our group lessons and performance programs.

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This guitar lesson program is designed for students who completed the beginner guitar lessons program. The guitar instructors assume that the students are ready to expand their repertoire and tackle more challenging techniques and cover guitar lessons such as; suspended chords, altered tunning as well as learning a variety of new styles including jazz, blues, funk, and others.

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Our highly trained guitar instructors and teaching system have proven to help students play and perform at a high level. In our advance guitar lessons, we start to see faster alternate picking, more complex rhythmic figures such as galloping and triplets. The guitar instructors also work with the students on more complex chords as well as advanced sweeping and hybrid picking.

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Guitar Lessons for all Ages


Guitar lessons content can be a bit confusing for children at first, for that reason we re-constructed our guitar lessons for kids in a way they can have small bite-size lessons, kid-friendly theory pieces that our guitar instructors can present in their guitar lessons in a friendly way.

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Through our guitar lessons for teens, the student can learn guitar topics in a faster way. The guitar instructors know that teens pick up the lessons faster and they also are super busy on their schedule, for that reason they need goal-oriented lessons to keep them motivated to do their homework on their schedule. Live shows are our secret ingredient for them as they are the first steps toward learning to express themselves and developing a passion for playing the guitar.

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Our approach to our guitar lessons for adults is different from the kids and teens guitar lessons. We know that adults faced other obstacles like busy schedules, work, and family commitments. For that reason, our adult guitar instructors have been trained to provide intense and effective guitar lesson sessions designed for busy students. Py Rock guitar instructors are professional, skilled, patient and friendly, which are key points to have a great learning experience.

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Knowing the best age to start music lessons for each instrument is a crucial part of a child’s musical development. In many cases, a child may be ready to start an instrument but may not have the physical means to fully explore the instrument: not enough lung capacity for a wind instrument, a pre-adolescent voice, lacking dexterity in the fingers, and so on. Give us a call so we can see if you kid is ready for music lessons.

Depending on the program, PY Rock lessons can cost anywher from $30 to $60 per session. The best way to have an accurate price is to evaluate the students and after seeing the results we can recommend programs and teachers and give the parents an accurate price.

The speed of which each student learn music is different. Some can finish our beginner program is 6 months, other on 10 months and other on 4 months. Our main focus is to help the student find their passion for music so practice at home can be fun. That passion will ultimately help the students learn their instrument faster.



We offer classes for kids, teens and adults. This is how it all happens: The Students get full attention on their first steps through our one on one private classes and then after they are ready to rock, they are put into one of our school bands to perform on stages where we believe the great lessons are; confidence, self-steen, techniques, rhythm and fun they all sky rocket!.


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