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PY Rock music programs are designed based on student needs. Some students prefer our private music lessons and others prefer the company of other fellas musician in order to create music together and learn from each other's mistakes. Our goal is to make the students grow as individual whatever the setting is. Our primary focus is always the stage, cause he is the best teachers of all.


After an audition, the students get to be a member of one of our rock bands that work toward live performances. Our professional band coaches work closely with students and direct and train the bands. Band members meet every week for a 90 minutes rehearsal where they work on every part of the song that will be performed on stage. Our goal in this program is to prepare the students for the live performance. Performances take place on local music venues in front of real audiences!.

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One of the main benefits of taking group lessons is the opportunity to develop social, personal and technical abilities that is not possible in a private music lesson. The duration of the group lesson sessions are usually longer. They meet once a week at the same day, time and with the same teacher. Our students reported that in a group setting they learn from their classmate's experiences, what worked and what did not work for them, tips, tricks and techniques shared by them.

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Private lessons are ideal for beginners who have no prior experience on any instrument. It is important for the students to take private music lessons at this phase because they will be developing the fundamental habits of a good musician. Private music lessons are shorter than group music lessons due to the intensity of the sessions.

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This is a program designed for students that want to be on stage but they are not just ready yet. They meet once a week for 60 minutes and they work as a band toward low-preasure performances in the class in front of a supportive audience. After they comple this program they then graduate to the Rock Band Program.

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Students that complete the pre-rock band and rock band programs have the opportunity to audition to be part of the school house band!. The house band program is an intense performing program that involved touring around different cities and music venue to perform in front of live audiences.

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Every spring, summer, and winter break students get together every day (full day and half day) to work on composing, recording, performance, history of music and more. They get to design their own band's shirt!. Camps are intensive programs where students can go from not knowing anything about music to performing on stage in only one week. Our highly trained instructors use tools and techniques to make this happen.

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By the time the student is able to maintain a repertoire of songs (taught by their music instructors on private music lessons), he or she is putting into one of our PERFORMANCE PROGRAMS which opens up a whole new world of learning, friendship and fun!. They move from private music lessons to band practice!. At that point, they are able to apply everything they have learned in their private music lessons to a real musical context and then perform their songs for friends and family on the stage with professional sound, lights, and fog!


Music Lessons


We offer classes for kids, teens and adults. This is how it all happens: The Students get full attention on their first steps through our one on one private classes and then after they are ready to rock, they are put into one of our school bands to perform on stages where we believe the great lessons are; confidence, self-steen, techniques, rhythm and fun they all sky rocket!.


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