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PY Rock curriculum is specially designed to take complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than any other piano lesson method. Our piano lessons are suitable for kids, teens, and adults. Students can expect to have weekly private or group piano lessons, as well as band rehearsals.

Piano Lessons for all Levels


Our piano instructors reported that one of the primary challenge students have when taking piano lessons is sigh reading. Most of the time is because they can not focus enough on the process of thinking ahead, listening to the music in their head and feeling it in their fingers. Through our well-structured piano lessons (and the help of our piano instructors) the student can master sigh reading in a dynamic and fun way.

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PY Rock is where piano players learn the fundamentals of piano. After they graduate from our beginner piano lessons they work on more complex topic with the help of our expert piano teachers. At this level, our piano lessons focus on key and time signature understanding, master dynamic and tempo notations. They also get to audition to be part of our performance program to perform in live concerts!.

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Our highly trained piano instructors explain that the best way to describe an advanced player is, control. For that reason, our advance piano lessons focus on taking control over tension and relaxation, control over sound, control of timing, control of fingers independently and control of the feeling when playing the piano. Advance players work deeper into theory and live performance.

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Piano Lessons for all Ages


PY Rock approach to piano lessons for kids is, adding extras. Our Piano instructors always find supplementary options to add in for fun, such as learning songs they already know and give prizes to students for achieving goals. By adding extras to our piano lessons program, kids learn faster while having a positive experience while playing the piano.

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Teens are sound creators; they love the idea of composing and exploring the sounds combination on the piano. PY Rock highly trained instructors approach the piano lessons for teens in a way they can explore the keyboard in a creative way. Combining notes and chords across the keyboard is one of the topic students cover on our piano lessons designed for teens. They also take the stage and play at local music venues in our performance program.

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PY Rock has a special approach to piano lessons for adults. We understand adults have particulars need as learners which are different from kids and teens. Adults want to have a good understanding of the steps before doing it, for that reason our instructors use techniques and strategies to help with their learning needs. Piano instructors help the student have a clear picture of what they are going to be doing on the piano in terms of sound and then work on creating sounds. Piano instructors also focus on understanding patterns and harmonies, working on scales and tons of chord practice so adults student can get a sense of the fundamental layout of the keyboard. This program includes private, group and band rehearsals to prepare the students for the live shows.

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Knowing the best age to start music lessons for each instrument is a crucial part of a child’s musical development. In many cases, a child may be ready to start an instrument but may not have the physical means to fully explore the instrument: not enough lung capacity for a wind instrument, a pre-adolescent voice, lacking dexterity in the fingers, and so on. Give us a call so we can see if you kid is ready for music lessons.

Depending on the program, PY Rock lessons can cost anywher from $30 to $60 per session. The best way to have an accurate price is to evaluate the students and after seeing the results we can recommend programs and teachers and give the parents an accurate price.

The speed of which each student learn music is different. Some can finish our beginner program is 6 months, other on 10 months and other on 4 months. Our main focus is to help the student find their passion for music so practice at home can be fun. That passion will ultimately help the students learn their instrument faster.



We offer classes for kids, teens and adults. This is how it all happens: The Students get full attention on their first steps through our one on one private classes and then after they are ready to rock, they are put into one of our school bands to perform on stages where we believe the great lessons are; confidence, self-steen, techniques, rhythm and fun they all sky rocket!.


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