Music Classes

Guitar Lessons

Our Goal is to inspire the students to learn and help them reach their individual goals.

We have a new aproach to Teaching, Our Band-Based Interactive Classes Gives the student Motivation To Practice as they are gaining confidence, developing good sense of rhythn and experience of playing with others.

Students Learn Music Theories as they are actually playing along with their favorite rock songs!

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Bass Guitar Lessons

The program starts covering the fundamental habits of the bass guitar players with topics such as "how to hold the bass correctly" "Using pick or not using pick on the bass" "How to fret a note correctly".

"How often to practice in order to develop good speed" and more, then it goes over different basic techniques such as "Slap Bass" "Bass tapping" etc. All topics are explained in a context of bass lines of classic and modern rock songs to keep students motivated.

The level 1 program prepares the student for further study in the bass on the following levels, where the students will cover lessons such as "Music Notacion" "Theory and its application to the bass" "Concepts behing improvising your own bass lines" and more.
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Drum Lessons

The Learning proccess for Drums is very different to learning any other instrument. For most people rhythm is natural and learning the Basic can be the easiest, but when it comes to master this instrument it turns to be the hardest. Moving from being a beginner to becoming a intermediate or advance player is where the problem arrives for a drummer.

This staditic we have seen on our students over the year are interesting :

- Drum Students demostrated that level 1 is a lot easier on drums than Guitar, Bass Guitar or Piano.
But here is where the insteresting part comes..
- Drum Students demostrated that getting from level 1 to level 2 is a lot harder on drums than it is on Guitar, Bass Guitar or Piano.

Just as any other musical instruments mastering the drums takes a lot practice and the main reasons that keeps drummer from practicing a lot are the noise, the neighbors and the fact that drumming requires more physical effort than any other instrument.

With all that being said, moving to the next level on drums takes a good amount of discipline and commitment. At PYROCK MUSIC SCHOOL we have developed a well structured Drums Program that will help you get into the next level. Our program starts covering the fundamental habits of the good drummer with topic such as "How to hold the drumsticks correctly" "How to count whole notes, haft notes, quater notes" "Warm up exercises" "Basic drum beats" and more.

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Vocal Lessons

All of our voice teachers have a rich understanding of vocal technique and of how to assist singers of all levels, styles, and backgrounds.

Our program starts covering the fundamental habits of a good singer with topic such as "Vocal Warm Up techniques" "Humming" "The lip rool/trill" "Tongue trill" "Breathing Exercises" and more.

This level 1 program prepares the student for further study on the following levels where the students will go

deep into lessons such as "building the mechanics of their voices- strength" "range" "tone" "flexibility" "agility" "projection" "registration" "freedom" "Harmony" "Duos" "Trios" and more.

Stage performance is one of the most important skill a singer needs to have and at the same time the hardest to develop, one of the main reason is the natural "stage fright" we all have. Our teachers have rich undestanding of the psychology behing the "stage fright" and they show students how to use it on their benefits so they can have great performances and impact audience!.

We believe that one of the most important component of this learning process for a singer is having a Friendly, supportive and welcoming environment, and that is exactly what students find in our school.

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Piano Lessons

Choosing the right music school to learn piano is a very important desicion to make, on this phase the students need to have the right amount of theory, practice, motivation and fun. Too much of any of then can lead the students to loose their passion for music.

We have developed a unique and affective PIANO PROGRAM that have the right amount of theory, practice, motivation and fun that has inspired hundres of piano players over the year.

Our program starts covering the fundamental habits of the Piano Player with topics such as "Proper body posture" "Proper hand posture" "Importance of warming up" "Warm up drill" "Chords Run" "How to develop finger memory" and more. The lessons are explained in the context of popular and classical songs.

The level 1 program prepares the students for further study on the following levels where the students will go deep into lessons such as "Intervals" "Circle of fifths" "Modes" and more.

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Music Iniciation

We should never forget that we PLAY an instrument. Through the process of playing we explore and develop new skills, that's why in PY ROCK the kids make their first steps in the music world in a playful way.

Teachers integrate powerful techniques in the games so kids can understand the basic structure of music, meaning of important symbols and basic theory. They explore different instruments; Guitar, Maracas, Bass, Drums, Congas in order to have a solid fundation and understanding of music in general.

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Our Awesome Rock Bands!

By the time the student is able to maintain a repertoire of songs, he or she is putting into one of our PERFORMANCE PROGRAMS witch opens up a whole new world of learning, friendship and fun!. They are able to apply everything they have learned in a real musical context and then perform their songs for friends and family on the stage of our Private Music Venue with professional sound lights and fog!

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Performance Programs

  • PY House Band

    After the Students have been performed in several shows and they are confortable oerforming, they have the chance to be in the PY House Band and tour to different live shows including festivals, events, music venues, benefit concerts and more!.

  • PY Jr House Band

    We are proud to have one of the best young musician around, and every season we have new audition for new members. They also tour around to different festivals, events, parties and benfit concerts. Is a live changing experience for our junior musicians.

  • Rock Bands

    Every season the students get the chance to be put in bands and perform in our private shows either in our own music venue or rental theater around the comunity, where they perform in front of family and friends using fully equipped stages with lights and fog!

  • Birthday Parties

    With us is all about rock star and shows, that's why students love having their birthday parties with us, we take care entertainent the kids while parents sit back and relax enjoing their kids having the best time of their lives.

  • Summer Camps

    Every summer we camp with our students in the school for sevetal weeks!, they learn about equipment, stage present, how to manage sound board, they compose their own music, form rock bands, design their own t-shirt, rehearse in fully equipped studios and have a great show at the end of the camp where they invite friends and family to have a great time.

  • Spring Break Camps

    This is a one week camp, the students form bands, design t-shirt, logo record their own music on CD and do field trips. All that in one week? yeap, and let's not forget about the awesome show at the end of the camp!. Sound System, Lights, family, friends and fog!

Our Best Proposals

Best Music Education

Our programs covers Music Theory, Fundamental Techniques, Music Reading, Ear Training, Rhythm Training, leadership development, Discipline, Commitment, performing, frienship and Fun. Thats how we give each student "The most Powerfull way of learning music".

Best Gift

PY ROCK is a place where kids and teens love coming and enjoy spending time with friends that shared the same passion for music, is a music school where teachers are mentors, students make great friends and parents get involved in every step of the learning process. Is without doubt, the best gift parents can give to their kids.

You might need a new camera

We believe that the real lesson happens on the stages, where the students go out there and show off their talent. They develop team work, leadership, social skills as they are mastering their instruments. We are heavely focus on performing, every season the students tour with their bands around different cities and states. You will need tons of space on your camera for pics and videos!

Live - Changing Experience

Music is a powerful vehicule to develop leadership, discipline, confidence and creativity. 4 important skills to success is life. We take The student from classrooms to stages, transforming their lives.

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