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PY Rock is a modern music school located in 5 cities in New Jersey! Come learn how to play your favorite instrument t with one of our 40 music instructors!
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Who we are

We are a Music School with several locations in New Jersey. We have the best team of music teachers of the area.


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Why PY Rock

With our private lessons and band rehearsals combination, students get motivated and focus at a level they would never believe possible. They experience a remarkable increase in self-esteem and confidence. Every lesson and activity we do are directly related to improving the student's skills for life. PY Rock Elizabeth is a place where teachers become mentors and friends for the students.

Customer Service

From the first day at PY Rock Elizabeth, you will feel at home. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to give you the best experience possible.


Best Teachers in the Area

We are proud to have more than 40 instructors in our location in Elizabeth NJ. Every instructor goes through very intensive training about our vision and culture. That ultimately gives the student an amazing experience in every session.


Five Locations and Growing

We have convenient locations located on: Morris Ave in Elizabeth NJ, Elizabeth Ave in Elizabeth NJ, North Bergen NJ, West New York NJ, and Union NJ


15 Year of Experience

More than 8.000 students have taken lessons with us since we opened our doors in Elizabeth NJ. We have taught more than 500.000 lessons over all these years. Every lesson was an opportunity to improve our method of teaching and now we feel confident to say that all of our students are in good hands.


Large Concerts and Small Shows

Every three months, we put up large concerts at local music venues for intermediate and advanced players. For our beginner players, we have our music venue in-house, where we host shows for parents and friends. This environment is great for beginners so they can get some confidence before hitting the bigger stages.


More than 1500 students

With the experience of having 1500 active students taking lessons in our locations, we have learned more than enough about what our students need in their sessions and what parents need for their kids when it comes to music lessons.

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Our Rock Band Programs

After an audition, the students get to be a member of one of our rock bands that work towards live performances. Our professional band coaches work closely with students and direct them in the training to become a band. PY Rock Elizabeth's Band members meet every week for a 90 minutes rehearsal where they work on every part of the songs that will be performed on stage. Our goal in this program is to prepare the students for live performances. Performances take place on local music venues in front of real audiences!

Student singing on stage
Guitar lessons student playing on stage
PY Rock students after the show
Guitar players on stage in Elizabeth NJ
Students playing on stage in Elizabeth NJ

Some of our 120 rock bands

Every three months, we put up an awesome show where we take eighteen of our best bands to perform on stage! Since the beginning of PY Rock Elizabeth we have built 120 rock bands with awesome kids, teens, and adults.

Frequently Asked Questions


Knowing the best age to start music lessons for each instrument is a crucial part of a child’s musical development. In many cases, a child may be ready to start an instrument but may not have the physical means to fully explore the instrument: not enough lung capacity for a wind instrument, a pre-adolescent voice, lacking dexterity in the fingers, and so on. Give us a call so we can see if you kid is ready for music lessons.

  • Guitar: 6 years old.
  • Piano: 5 years old.
  • Drums: 5 years old.
  • Vocal: 4 years old.
  • Violin: 6 years old.
  • Guitar: 7 years old.
  • Ukulele: 6 years old.
  • Bass Guitar: 7 years old.
  • Remember: If you have a kid younger than the recommended age, and you feel he/she has the talent to learn an instrument; please give us a call to schedule an evaluation class and we will guide you in the process.

Prices depend on the types of sessions and programs. PY Rock always focuses on providing the best quality lesson at the most affordable price possible. The first step is an evaluation class where we will evaluate the level of the students, and based on what we see, we will recommend sessions and programs. At that point, you will have a more accurate price information.


The speed at which each student learns music is different. Some can finish our beginner program in 6 months, others in 10 months, and others in 4 months. At PY Rock Elizabeth, our primary focus is to help our students find their passion for music. That passion will ultimately help them learn their instrument faster. Here are a couple of factors to keep in mind:

  • Everyone learns at a different pace, but most children will get through their Level 1 book in 4-12 months.
  • A child's progress is greatly influenced by certain skills, such as the ability to keep a steady beat.
  • Communication skills with their teacher. The better they can communicate with their teachers, the faster they learn.
  • We have seen that parents' involvement is essential. In our experience, the results are greater when parents actively participate in the learning process.