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Learning to play guitar requires discipline, consistency, and a well-structured guitar lesson plan. PY Rock Elizabeth music lessons consist of 30-minute private sessions, once a week. Daily practice is essential to retain muscle memory and our guitar instructors know it. That is the reason they use real rock and top-hit songs on their guitar lessons to motivate students to practice at home. Additionally, once our guitar students reach a certain level, they get to be in a rock band, where the real learning and fun begins!

General Questions

The characteristics of PY Rock Elizabeth guitar lessons are the following:

  • Students apply the music theory in songs that the students like. This helps faster learnings.
  • Guitar instructors create different versions of these songs in order to match the students' pace. This allows the students to be able to play any song, no matter the difficulty of the original version.
  • Our well-structured guitar lessons help the students master sigh reading in a dynamic and fun way.

While every child is different, it’s generally a good idea to wait until your child is at least seven years old before starting guitar lessons. These are the main factors to consider:

  • Motivation: If your child is the one expressing a strong interest in the guitar, it will help him/her overcome the difficulties that will arrive while taking guitar lessons with the instructor.
  • Hand Size: Before beginning guitar lessons, we need to make sure your child’s hands have grown enough to be comfortable using a guitar.
  • Finger independence: Is your child able to move each finger independently without moving the others? When taking guitar lessons, the guitar instructor will require the students to stretch single fingers to reach certain frets.

The students come to our guitar lessons once a week for a 30-minute private session. We are open during the following days:

  • Mondays to Fridays, from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
  • Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • We host shows with 18 bands every three months.
  • Sundays: Exact availabilities vary by school location. Please ask your local PY Rock location for details.

All Ages | All Levels

PY Rock Elizabeth offers both electric and acoustic guitar lessons for kids, teens, and adults at every skill level.

Student playing live after 3-month guitar lessons



We have a fresh approach to guitar lessons for beginners. We have a comprehensive step-by-step guitar lessons curriculum that provides guitar players a solid foundation of control, technique, and music theory. PY Rock Elizabeth guitar instructors recommend starting with private classes for full attention before joining the performance programs.

Student playing live after 6-month guitar lessons



This guitar lessons program is designed for students who completed the beginner guitar lessons program. The guitar instructors assume that the students are ready to expand their repertoire and tackle more challenging techniques. They work on suspended chords, altered tuning as well as learning a variety of new styles including jazz, blues, funk, and others. Joining the performance program is highly recommended at this level.

Student playing live after 2-year guitar lessons



ur highly-trained guitar instructors and teaching system have proven to help students play and perform at high levels. In our advanced guitar lessons, we start to see faster alternate picking, and more complex rhythmic figures such as galloping and triplets. PY Rock Elizabeth guitar instructors also work with the students on more complex chords as well as advanced sweeping and hybrid picking.

Kid playing guitar on stage after guitar lessons program ended



Guitar lessons content can be a bit confusing for children at first. For that reason, we re-structured our guitar lessons for kids in a way they can have small bite-size lessons that they can understand without getting overwhelmed.

Teen playing guitar on stage after guitar lessons program ended



Our guitar instructors know two important things about teens; they are busy with their schedules, and they can learn faster. For that reason, PY Rock Elizabeth guitar instructors prepared goal-oriented lessons to keep them motivated to practice in the little time that they have available. Our performance program is highly recommended for them.

Adult playing guitar on stage after guitar lessons program ended



Our approach to guitar lessons for adults is different from the ones for kids and teens. We know adults face other obstacles such as busy schedules, work, and family commitments. For that reason, our guitar instructors provide intense and effective guitar lessons, so our adult students can take full advantage of every session. Py Rock Elizabeth guitar instructors are professional, skilled, patient, and friendly, which are key points to have a great learning experience.

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